What If A Girl In The Holocaust Had Instagram?

Yes, I know. The title is striking and so is the content produced in honor of Israel’s annual Holocaust Martyrs’ and Heroes’ Remembrance Day. The content was released on the Instagram account @eva.stories, which now has already gathered more than 300k followers. The video has been created to take followers through a young girl's Holocaust journey, the story is based on a diary kept by the Eva Heyman in 1944.



Starting from today, the account will be releasing 70 short episodes via stories and IGTV, featuring a young British actress which will be playing Eva. The account has already generated lots of conversations, with lots of critics accusing that the media play is ‘cheapening the history of a tragic event’, according to the NYT.

However, the high engagement on the content, and the increasing number of followers that the profile is attracting, also underlines that this innovative way of educating millennials about history is well received by some users.

Whether the topic chosen to deliver this new way of educating people was the right one, I do not know. It is interesting though to see how something as tragic as the holocaust would have been, if people actually had access to smartphones and Instagram stories to record what was happening.

Definitely, the trailer which is the only piece of content that has been released just yet, is one of the best pieces of content that I’ve seen on Instagram in a long time. The content is very fit for platform and premium. Apparently $7M have been invested for this project. Whether you respect what they have made or not, it is worth noting that the initiative is really innovative and disruptive.

From a marketing perspective, this initiative has definitely set a stage that we're sure more brands and folks will capitalize off of. This only marks the beginning of Instagram's push to bring IGTV to a competing level with YouTube and Netflix with original content. If you've got a video recorder and some creative ideas, it might be time to start exploring them.