The Great Fashion Moments And The Horrors of the 2000s


This post was inspired due to a recent revival of my teenage years and now I am going to tell you why.

It was Sunday, the weather outside was grey and my head was aching from the few cheap white wine glasses I had at the pub. As soon as I opened my eyes, I knew that I would have never left the house. Sunday blues were already hitting hard and it was too cold to step only a foot outside. I was on the hunt for a new fun series I could binge for the rest of the day, but the research on Netflix was endless. The average person is estimated to spend 18 minutes browsing on Netflix – I’ve touched a new record of 48 minutes. I went through every possible suggestion and literally NOTHING impressed me or convinced me to press play.


On the verge of desperation, my boyfriend proposed to watch his teenage favourite series: The OC. Yes, no shame in admitting it and I am glad that we went for this choice. In my early ages I had never been a big fan of the show; I watched a few episodes here and there, but never from start to end – so there we go, decision was made, my new series was confirmed to be The OC for £14.99 on Amazon Prime.

Half way through Season 1, despite remembering why I used to be terribly in love with Seth Cohen; what I enjoyed the most was remembering all the horrible trends in fashion that I wore 15 years ago, along with Marissa Cooper and many other icons that I grew up with in the 2000s.

Moreover, what this show also made me realise, is that probably my generation was the last decade that was heavily influenced by pop culture. We grew up gaping at reality TV, Paris Hilton, watching hip hop videos on MTV, singing to the backstreet boys, dancing to Victoria Beckham wearing trashy mini metallic dresses. We were the generation that felt cool flicking the Motorola StarTAC, changing covers to the Nokia 3310 and spending hours playing Snake.

nokia 3310.jpg

We went through buckle belts, shell necklaces, leather bracelets, cropped tops, and low wasted baggy jeans. Excessively short skirts, the Juicy Couture top and bottom, the Carrera sunglasses and mirrored Rayban aviators. Von Dutch caps, colourful piercings, the dark hair roots with super blonde ends, the black converse inspired by Avril Lavigne.

We are a generation that will forever live in nostalgia, because as technology and social media has overtaken us, we live for throwback nights and browse Pinterest in search for archive clothes to wear. We have subscriptions to Spotify, but we buy vinyl. We use our iPhones to take pictures but filter them to make them look like the old film photographs we used to take with our Olympus.  

How do you call the generation after the “Naughties”? We are now seeing children and teenagers growing up in a decade with no name. What defines them? Whilst we spend our twenties posting tbt, Flashback Fridays, and other nostalgia-filled rhetoric’s that emphases the language of the ‘90s kids – what language will define the teenagers of 2018?

Everything is so fast, trends come and go, artists come and go, like everything else: apps, people, clothes. Will they be attached to anything and especially to memories, as we do?

There is something so comforting about the past. Streaming old The OC episodes on your laptop, whilst recovering from a hangover, whilst you are ordering Domino’s from your smartphone. Despite my boyfriend new exactly what was happening in each episode, the excitement he had every time there was a twist in the story line, was unpayable. Of how many shows can you say the same today?

The same thing happens when I am in a club and they play an old song of the Spice Girls, the thrill that comes from that moment is priceless or when I went through my bedroom drawers and I found my old Blackberry covered in stickers and my first iPod with my favourite Eminem playlist.

The 00s and the 90s, changed culture forever, and therefore we are so attached to them. Whilst we still listen to Garage until it makes us sick, and pull out our archived 00s clothes and watch vintage episodes of Friends and remember Paris Hilton as the 00s icon – we must sometimes put all our nostalgia aside to help this decade to find a new reason to go down in history. Reminiscing too much the past, won’t help us shape the future of tomorrow.

Nevertheless, as it’s Monday, here is a small archive of some of the best and worst fashion moments of the 2000s. Have fun!