Trend To Watch: Body Jewellery

What makes me happy? Seeing something beautiful - like: a beautifully shot campaign. Preferably on film. An unexpected email in my inbox, with the story of a brand that I didn’t know, that I feel in love with in 5 minutes. Hoping that I get a sick invite to event, where I can rock along wearing my chain armour feeling like some sort of 21st goddess.

Alighieri Atelier is a London-based jeweller and they just launched their new campaign is stunning. Its chain armour is insane, and unfortunately for us - the price tag is too. However, the price tag is representative of the numerous hours spent on all of these one-of-a-kind pieces – EVERY piece is handmade with interwoven chains and pearls – taking from a minimum of 5 hours to 40 hours to make one single piece.  Is this enough to convince your wallet? If it’s not take a look at their campaign below.

These accessorise are the perfect touch, if you are looking to give a different spin off to your wardrobe this summer – especially for those who are heading to Burning Man this year. You might wander how to wear it - well, just layer the chained tops and bras on a plain t-shirt or silk slip dress. If you are cool enough wear just as it is. Send pic proof.

Body jewellery is making a comeback and it was already spotted earlier this year, with Paco Rabanne revamping its’s 1960s armour plate dress and bags - which was taken over my lots of influencers walking along the streets of Paris during fashion week in February. Might this be your thing? Summer fling? Thoughts?

Exploring the way in which our stories and lives are intertwined, like chains, and bound together in communities, creating strength, armour. Alighieri jewellery ties people together, protecting them, and reminding them to be courageous.
— Alighieri Atelier
We hope your armour brings you all good things on your adventures.
— Alighieri Atelier
Rosh 2.jpg

Photo Credit: Alighieri Atelier campaign images were shot on film by designer and founder, Rosh Mahtani: An adventure to mythical Crete with artist and model Lexie Smith. Provided by Purple PR.

Hair and Make Up by Martina Lattanzi