Harrods focuses on expanding it’s Beauty offering

Harrods Beauty Hall

Harrods Beauty Hall

The famous London store expands its cosmetics and fragrance department to become one of the largest beauty destinations in the world

This morning, Harrods invited me to attend the unveiling of their new Beauty Hall – the first phase in a three-part refurbishment that will see the iconic retailer grow to become one of the largest beauty destinations in the world.

In the next year, the Harrods Beauty Hall will be followed by two further developments, which will focus on skincare and incorporate masterclass and treatment room spaces. The year-long regeneration will result in a 53% increase in the area devoted to make-up, fragrance, skincare and specialist beauty services. Brands include Aesop, Le Labo, Diptique, Dior Beauty & Parfums, Chanel, Nars.

The revamp, comes at a time where the beauty industry has never been as strong, with the Uk being the world’s 6th largest market for beauty, worth £10.7bn in 2017. Definitely this part of Harrod’s attempt to gain part of these revenues and market share.

My personalised La Bouche Rouge Red Lipstick

My personalised La Bouche Rouge Red Lipstick

The world of beauty has seen more change in the last five years than the previous 50. We are entering an era of true self-expression, empowerment and celebration of identity, and my vision for Harrods Beauty is to deliver that to every one of our clients. Today, from digital tutorials and personalisation to J-Beauty, the ability to customise and express our individuality through beauty is extraordinary.
— Annalise Fard

An Ethical future

The concept of natural beauty ingredients is expanding in an ever-changing world; with evolving consumer demands and climate changes around the world, the beauty and personal care industry’s approach to natural and sustainable ingredients must adapt. Moreover, the growing awareness of animal rights issues, 3.5M British people now identify as vegan - has led to a rise in ethical beauty brands.

This explains why mirroring the innovation of the redevelopment, the Harrods Beauty Hall now welcomes UK-exclusive brands like La Bouche Rouge, which focus on sustainable luxury scented vegan refillable lipsticks. 

Technology Fuses With Beauty

Further into the hall, customers can test products virtually via the new Magic Mirrors. Through the use of AL Technology (YOUCAM by Perfect Corp), the Magic Mirrors digitally map facial features to generate a live rendering. Customers can apply products (lipstick, foundation, blusher, mascara) without needing to physically test it. The Magic Mirrors form part of the beauty playground, offering the chance to try different looks solo, with a friend or with a Harrods make-up artist.


Future developments in Beauty at Harrods will see educational elements come to life, harnessing the beauty community’s passion for sharing and creating content, and the launch of personalised services to help customers create the perfect daily routine and special-occasion looks. The next phase of the redevelopment is due to be completed this autumn.