TROY London: Escape To The Country Side

There is nothing as satisfying that a city break once in a while, and I was lucky enough to escape to the countryside of Ascott with a contemporary British brand TROY London, which specialises in women’s outwear and countryside attire.

Escaping from London for 24hrs, not bothering about getting the tube, fighting my way to the office, and replacing my desktop view with endless grasslands, and the smell of nature and the sounds of happy birds, made me realising how much we NEED to disconnect once in a while and just get back in touch with mother nature.

I was lucky enough to be one of #TROYgirls to bring you a very special edit of countryside style, along with the beautiful Stephanie, Anisa, Danielle and Troy’s founder Rosie Van Cutsem.

The escape was made even more special when was giving the opportunity to face the challenge of getting back on top of a horse after 10 years I no longer wanted to. When I was still a child, I witnessed one of my best friends being badly hurt after a horrible fall from horse riding, which made me stop doing the sport myself. Almost after a decade, where hope of pursuing something I was really passionate about was almost gone, I was reminded that it’s never too late to face what makes you REALLY scared. I was also reminded how much courage and strength you get out of it, which is why I promise I will do so more often. There is no illusion greater than fear.

She below some shots taken during the lovely experience…



DAGO x Troy-340.jpg