How To Look Tanned Without Tanning

It’s that time of the year again – finally days are longer, the sun (sometimes) shines stronger, colorful flowers are back and birds are singing with us - SPRING IS BACK! As the temperatures rise, we are slowly starting to unwrap ourselves a bit more and when the unwrapping part comes, we don't realize until we step outside and the sun hits our skin that we are terribly pale. Some people look good when they are pale - I am clearly not one of them, and I'd rather wear layers to cover my paleness and sweat like if I was in sauna, then look like a mozzarella with legs. 

Hopefully, I am not the only one living this first world struggle?

Let’s be honest now, everyone looks better with a little bit of a tan, but what can you do if you are stuck in the city working and you are not going to see the sunshine until July?

So this is when I started thinking about different possibilities following my circumstances:

1.       Either try to tan in Hyde Park, which would require a long long session of me semi naked fighting flies and ducks from conquering my small mark of land;

2.       Pay a visit to the tanning salon – despite knowing that its very bad for your skin and consequently your health;

3.       Try to put on some tanning cream without making a mess


I opted for the tanning cream - and then the hunt for the perfect one started. Tanning creams are dangerous because if you get it wrong, well you are f****. You end up looking like a female version of Trump and lots and lots of sequential showers will follow to remove the tragedy that you have undergone your skin.

How often in this time of the year do we see people use fake tanning creams, and they have clearly not washed their hands properly and you can see that faded orange color tracing their hands. Sometimes they also forget to smug the cream on the edges of their faces and their ears and you can notice it so badly, that it made me rethink about wanting to look tan and accept the fact that I am pale. 

Thankfully, having an Australian friends is sometimes useful (LOL! love you Kate), as in confidence she revealed her secret on how to look always glowingly tanned without taking any sun: Bondi Sands. Say goodbye to paleness and to orange messes gals - I've tried it and finally every one  from asking me if I was sick, they are finally questioning why I am so tanned. It's not true that its because of the time I spent under the sun during the BBQ ;). You know my secret now too.