Shrimps Vs Zara: The Battle Of The Beads

zara vs shrimps.jpg

It's no news that Zara is renowned to take what they see on the runway or what is trending on social media and convert it into something affordable for its high street shops. 

I've been keeping my eyes on this Shrimps Faux-Pearly-Embelisshed-Bag for quite some time, I've initially spotted it on Blanca Miro and Leandra Medine, but my wallet just could not afford to spend more money on another bag. Zara has now produced a cheaper version for £30. 

Would do you think of these beaded bags? Do they remind you of your childhood too?

Shrimps faux-pearl-embellished bag

Photo: Getty - Shot during London Fashion Week, wearing Shrimps beaded handbag