A Weekend Getaway to Madrid

If like me you felt like January was the longest month ever, and you are tired of your usual weekend routine... book a trip to Madrid with your girlfriends. Read my tips on where to stop for drinks, lunches, brunches and dinners!

Reserve this Airbnb (up to 6 people) in Madrid's primest location (Calle de Claudio Coello, 10, 28001 Madrid) here.

Dinner – Pomerania (Calle de María de Molina, 4, 28006 Madrid)
The restaurant serves great Spanish food, and yummy cocktails. At midnight, the DJ starts playing music until 2:00am, perfect for setting that Friday mood!

Source: tendenciacool.com

Source: tendenciacool.com

Club – Bling Bling (c/ Genova 28, Madrid, 28004 Madrid)
The name is doubtful, but it is fun and very popular amongst Madrilenos! For all the single ladies, you’d be happy to know that the club is filled with 90% men.

Lunch – Bar de Tomate (Calle Fernando el Santo, 26, 28046 Madrid)
I highly recommend you order the Croquetas, we re-ordered them 3 times!

Source:   tarruellatrenchs.com

Source: tarruellatrenchs.com

If you are not in the mood to go site-seeing because of your post-lunch food coma, and slight headache from the night before. I recommend taking a walk and passing by Sephora to buy a face mask (Hydration Lover Rubber Mask by DR. JART+) to apply during your afternoon siesta.

Drinks – Marieta (Paseo de la Castellana, 44, 28046 Madrid)
Very cool vibe. You can chill by the bar for drinks, or stay for some food if there is availability.


Dinner – Numa Pompilio (Calle de Velázquez, 18, 28001 Madrid)
Chic restaurant serving outstanding Mediterranean cuisine. If the weather is warm enough, I suggest requesting a table in the terrace.

Club – Gabana
We didn’t go clubbing on Saturday night, but it was recommended to us, and is also very near the restaurant.

Lunch – Quintin (Calle Jorge Juan, 17, 28001 Madrid)
The interior décor of Quintin is quite special as it is inspired by old grocery stores. It is a cosy spot to have a last hearty meal before heading to the airport, home. Or if you have time, have a wander around the streets in the area for some last minute shopping.


Let me know your experiences too!