IKEA Starts 2018 With A Bold Campaign: Women Are Asked To Pee On Their Ad

Ikea, despite being a furniture company, and in my experience also an amusement playground for the weekends; has never been afraid of being bold in their advertisement executions, which is what makes them unique and memorable.

Fresh into 2018, Ikea has struck readers again, releasing a magazine ad which asks pregnant women to pee on the ad. Yes – that is correct. The ad requests women to pee on the piece of paper with the ad on it and bring it in store to redeem a voucher that will allow future mums to receive a discount on cribs. Genius? Or gross? Imagine the person in charge of collecting these ads...


Behind these memorable ads, is the Swedish creative agency Åkestam Holst’s, which has been nailing it in recent years. After the release of the Ikea poster in April, explaining how to identify the original IKEA FRAFTA bag, following the Balenciaga copycatting the iconic $0.99 bag, the Swedish keep on being on everyone’s mouth every time they launch a new campaign.


Their work has been so influential that they managed to not only make Ikea stand out as a provocoative brand, but also make it a cult. There is a niche number of millennials into streetwear that have made of the Ikea their favourite logo.