Engagement Chicken: Is this the secret behind Prince Harry's proposal?


If you haven’t heard – Prince Harry is getting married to Meghan Markle.

Congrats to both!!!

Even if we all know that behind these congratulations there is also a subtle line of envy. Meghan with her charm and brains, managed to settle down with the charming Prince we all wanted.

What struck me the most of this engagement was the story being the ‘Engagement Chicken’. So this is when I went ‘ EH? WHAT THE FUCK is an ‘Engagement Chicken’. Well, apparently it’s a thing. 


Prince Harry and Meghan confessed to the BBC that they were trying to roast a chicken, when Harry dropped down to one knee and proposed. This quote, was what social media needed, to start the buzz around the ‘Engagement Chicken’ recipe to be the reason behind Prince Harry's proposal. 

So what is an ‘Engagement Chicken’? Basically it’s a simple chicken recipe with an ever-extending mythology. It’s a roasted bird seasoned with lemon juice, sea salt, and pepper, and garnished with sprigs of rosemary, sage, thyme, and parsley.  

But, why is it named like this? I did some digging and discovered that in 1982, Glamour Editor at the time, Kimberly Bonnell suggested her PA, Kathy Suder to make this recipe for her boyfriend. After Suder placed the chicken on the table, her boyfriend proposed. This led to them diffusing the word in the office that the recipe had a magical quality. Three more employees from Glamour then decided to try the recipe themselves, which led to their boyfriends to all drop on their knees.

I mean – this Engagement Chicken could actually be a THING.

So, was the chicken the reason behind Harry’s proposal?

Being Italian, I always love a bit of superstition in a story. So maybe yes, it was. However, what we are not sure of, is if Meghan even made this chicken in the first place, as Harry claimed that they "tried" to make a chicken. Anyways, chicken or no chicken, we look forward to the wedding!