To boyfriend, or not to boyfriend?

The other night, talking with my girlfriends over an unusual healthy dinner, which they carefully prepared, as my skills in the kitchen are quite slavish, we came to realize one big thing: the striking difference between the way we treat our body when we have or do not a boyfriend.


It came to our knowledge that ever since we were single, we dedicated much more time to ourselves and looked after our well-being and beauty much more. This includes regular waxing, monthly hair treatments followed by haircuts, blow dries every weekend, weekly manicures, and every other week pedicures. Detox massages, expensive useless “magic machine” that promise you a Giselle Bundchen body, and also dedicate time to smash an avocado to then spread on our face as a face mask.

But that’s no even it- we can carry on with the nitty gritty of our ‘being single’ lifestyle. We check our eyebrow every day to make sure they are always clean, we carefully apply lotion every night to make sure we have a smooth baby skin. Lets add also AZ White Strips here and there to get the Hollywood white smile. And then on Friday nights, we also spend time on YouTube to learn how to contour (despite the disasters) and how to get that cat eye look that Kendall Jenner nails every time.

We end up spending much more time shopping and find every excuse to spend money on something new. “I need something for the weekend”, “I need a new pair of shoes to wear with my new LBD”. “I need to buy a top that matches my new lipstick colour”. “I need to buy the new sexy lace bra that is this seasons must”. “Then I need to buy a silk night gown, because you know, you never know”.

And it doesn’t even end here – another big point we get obsessed with when single, is the GYM. When you are single, you train 10 times harder than when you have a lover. There you go with the endless squat jumps and planks, in the hope it will all pay off one day when you will be showing off your one piece high waisted 80’s look swimsuit, hoping to look like RiRi  . Hard work being single… But shouldn’t it be the other way around?


So why do we pay much less attention to ourselves when we have a boyfriend? Is it because we become lazy? Is it because we have a man that we shouldn’t look after ourselves that much? I am not saying that this everyone’s case, but this is what I do and what most of my friends said they do too. I feel I look after myself much more than I do when I have a man in my life, or let’s formulate that better, when I have a boyfriend for a long time. When I am single,  I will do anything that will make me feel healthier, fitter and prettier. Including trying out different juice diets, trying out exhausting box classes, running on Sunday’s and storming to Holland & Barrett for the peny sale to stack up the vitamins.

I should start reminding to myself that a man cannot fall in love with the super curated, “I am sexy and I know it” version of myself and after a couple of months transform into a beast and pretend that I’ve “forgotten to wax”, switch exercising for chicken nuggets and the baby doll with my pink bambi pyjama my grandmother bought for me 10 years ago.

What are your thoughts? Do you look after yourself more when you are in a relationship or when you are single and ready to mingle? Let me know.