Why Are Ugly Sneakers Back In Fashion?


Sometimes things that go out of fashion, come back in fashion. However, there are some things that go out of fashion, because they should NEVER come back in people’s wardrobe.

In my times, I have already seen some questioning trends, starting from the socks over heels, the skin coloured socks to wear with heels, the two-piece Juicy Couture outfit, the Adidas slip-ons, the CROCS, the return of the Birkenstock. And now this: Air Max 97  – WHAT – THE – FUCK.

Chunky and unflattering, they are the ultimate 90s grime shoes — and yet people are still wearing them, even worse someone is also buying them. Hands up for the New Balance revival, for the Nike Cortez, the beloved Converse – but please everyone keep their Silver Bullets in their closet.  

Spotted this trend overtaking London, but not only, it became a thing also for stylists and influencers. So the question is, whenever you pull on your Air Max sneakers with your white socks and cropped jeans, are you doing it because you think it’s fashionable, or because you honestly picked them up and liked them? 

What is worrying, is that Air Max are back because Balenciaga, Dior and Vetements have brought the ‘dad’ sneakers back, making people think that its acceptable to wear them with anything.

I am a pro comfortable clothing, and I am going to jump into the momentum of baggy and comfortable trousers, however I am trying to find a meaning behind this come back. ‘Dad’ sneakers are the living proof that nowadays you can wear a suit with a pair of sneakers, and this shoe is making a statement: ‘I don’t fucking care’. As much as I am fan of this motto too, I would give a fuck if I spent $800 on ugly Balenciaga sneakers.

We all love our dads, so just do a favour to him and yourself: go buy together a new pair of shoes and start a new sneaker trend.

Balenciaga Paris Menswear Fall Winter 2017 January 2017

Balenciaga Paris Menswear Fall Winter 2017 January 2017