Follow your Dreams, along with Dodo

How often do you dream or aspire? What do you dream of? Why do people struggle to act upon their dreams? Is it fear of failure, insecurity in their abilities or chalk it up to wishful thinking that holds them back?

So what were my childhood dreams? Well, I had a really good childhood. I was recently going through the family archives and what was really amazing was that I couldn’t find a picture of myself where I wasn’t smiling or dreaming. I did a lot of that. And it was an easy time to dream. When you are seven or eight years old and you read history books about men landing on the moon, you think anything is possible. That is something we should not lose sight of, is that the inspiration and the permission to dream is huge.

So, once again, what were my childhood dreams? Be a traveller of the world, become an astronaut (of course), be the principal ballerina at the Bolshoi Ballet, and be an Architect so to build beautiful castles, a CIA agent, an archaeologist, and an artist. Being Mulan – or any other Disney princess, anybody here have that childhood dream? I wanted to become one of those girls who won the big stuffed animals in the amusement park, and I wanted to be an Imagineer with Disney.

It’s very important to have specific dreams. The one which I was most committed into achieving was becoming the principal ballerina at the Bolshoi Ballet – yeah definitely very easy. I always dreamed of becoming a ballerina, even if at 13 I was told, oh dancers can’t be so tall. I know, I was heartbroken. I was like, I worked so hard! Nine years of training to be dumbed like that. This however didn’t prevent me from carrying on dancing. I started taking jazz classes, modern dance, hip-hop, and samba. I wasn’t going to stop following my passions because somebody told me I couldn’t. Hence, just at the young age of 13, I realized that if I were ever to find an impediment to my dreams and passions, I had to keep on fighting. We are not all designed to become whatever we wish to be, we will change some much across our lifetime that we cannot prefix ourselves to just have one specific dream. We should dream big and along the way learn from every experience and understand what we were brought to life to do.  I am not a professional ballerina now, not even close, but this experience taught me a great lesson; to never give up on your dreams and to never mix up an obstacle with the fear of having failed.


I have never heard of anyone dreaming of failure or aspiring to be unsuccessful. Failure does not play any part in dreaming. It is the dreamer that instils failure, not the dream. I have read of many very successful dreamers that failed numerous times before they experienced success. The difference is that failure was not going to end their dreams only motivate them to dream bigger.

Ok, so now let’s talk about my dream of becoming a world traveller and an archaeologist. My dream was to explore the world and discover all the amazing and precious things hidden from our distracted eyes. When I was a kid, I spent most of my free time watching documentaries and reading history books, especially Egyptian history. Don’t ask me why, but I was simply obsessed, so much that I start learning hieroglyphics. I was often told that I was crazy and that I would never make it. I believed in myself and I actually managed to learn how to read hieroglyphics, almost knew all 700 signs by heart, and spent my days learning how to sketch them in my diaries. I’ve learnt that even if people don’t believe in your passions, you only have to listen to your heart: let it be the guide of your life.

I wanted to become an artist. I loved painting and making things, from drawing on canvas, to sketching, to making flower compositions, to building sculptures with play-doh. I thought that being an artist was the best job in the world, spending the day playing with acrylics to express my feelings and my vision of the world.

I’ve never been a very talented drawer, but I didn’t lack creativity. I’ve brought this passion with me all my life. I’ve learnt to unleash my creativity in other ways that are not necessarily messing up with some paint on a canvas, but developing it in other ways, like designing my own blog, creating my own clothes, expressing and innovating myself everyday through my clothes, just as I wanted to do with my art.

My creativity and my passion for it have never stopped. Being constantly hungry for creativity has brought me where I am now, with my own lifestyle blog and as Account Executive in one of the largest Media Agencies in the world looking after some of the top luxury brands in existence. If my search for creativity wasn’t as vivid, I wouldn’t be where I am now. I’ve never stopped dreaming and chasing my passions, and slowing I am reaching all of them and dreaming always bigger.

I am still very young to say that I have achieved all my dreams. They have definitely all fused with the years, I just now have a clearer idea of what I want to be, what kind of women I wish I were and where I want to go.  My dream of becoming Mulan has become reality; I see myself as a free-spirited, bold and brave young women. I’ve always been persistent in chasing my passions, just like Mulan, and this is why I wear this Dodo charm, because it reminds me every day to “follow your dreams”.


Photos by Aldo Silvestroni