Oxford Dictionary makes an emoji the Word of the Year

Oxford Dictionary has just recently announced the 'Word of the Year' and guess what, the winner is not even a word. Two years ago, the same title was won by the word ‘Selfie’, this year, the cry-laughing emoji face was voted as number one. Are emojis slowly replacing words, letters, vowels and conjunctions?  Instead of progressing, are we going back to being primitive men, communicate with images and symbol instead of composing words and full sentences? Too bad, because I am certainly one of those troglodon.

The Guardian reported that the President of Oxford Dictionaries, Casper Grathwohl, stated that: “Emoji culture has become so popular that individual characters have developed their own trends and stories" and this was the reason why that particular emoji was named as the "Word of the Year".

Hence, if the President of Oxford Dictionaries wants name an emoji to be the word of the year, may that be it. But out of all the emojis, why did you have to choose the cry-laughing emoji? Out of all of the choices, why did you choose that one?

If I had the power to pick one emoji, I would have chosen the uniorn, or the middle finger emoji, (which I have been waiting for and dreaming of for years). Or I would have gone for the smiley face with the sunglasses which I believe stands for "too cool for school" (or for you), or the princess emoji which I habitually use when talking about myself, or one of my fave, the poo face emoji.

As you might have noticed, I am a big fan of emojis. Whenever I have a conversation with a friend, I usually find it easier to express how a feel or explain what I am doing with an emoji, without having the hassle of spelling it out- I know I am really lazy, and yes I am also a big fan of voice notes.

I do however understand that the line of communication is getting blurrier ever year,  when once you were just wondering what  his “what’s up?” meant, now we also have to figure out what the stupid smiley face he sent meant. Damn it. Especially when I've realized that the meaning that we girls associate with emojis is completely different to the meaning that boys associate with them- so beware.

Have we arrived to a point where emoji's equal to a response? Maybe. Definitely yes for me, as I do sometimes reply with just an emoji- ops. But is this just the beginning of how we will communicate in the future? Why are we so obsessed with these funny images? Is it because we are inclined to prefer visuals to text or is it because we are purely lazy? I do love the unicorn emoji, but if I ask “how are you?” and you reply with a unicorn emoji, what does that mean? Should we start developing an emoji dictionary with all the possible meaning of every emoji to make our lives easier? Please, yes.

What I find the funniest, is how conversations especially in the world of dating use lots of emoji’s. Did you ever open your Tinder account and found that someone you’ve matched with sent you an aubergine emoji followed by a question mark? Well, definitely they were not implying that they want you to cook dinner for them tonight. Instead-I’m sorry- it represents a penis. Hence, as soon as you see this, maybe its time you shut down the conversation…unless that was what you were looking for.

Now a question for you; if you had to pick an emoji, what emoji would you be?