The Day Dress

We often save a dress for great occasions. We keep them locked up in our wardrobe and sometimes pull them out when we feel it’s the right moment. When this instant happens, we usually wear it for a country wedding and occasionally for a lunch where we ‘dress to impress’. The rest of the time, we stick to the usual t-shirt and jeans: our everyday uniform. Well, be ready, because this is the season of the day dress. From maxi shirts, to wraps, to mini dresses, they will be your summer essential. Wear them at work, for a lunch with your girlfriends, or as a comfy outfit to chill at home. Free the dress, not only when you want to impress!

Dress: Leggera Nell'Aria
Necklace: Leggera Nell'Aria
Sunglasses: L.G.R
Shoes: Stan Smith, Adidas