Smartphone on a Stick

The Dilemma: to selfie stick or not to selfie stick?

When a new trend starts, it’s always hard to embrace it. How many things we initially laughed at and then bought and worn as it became the new must. We need to get used to it. I remember when I promised myself, at the image of 14, I would never wear a pair of high waist jeans and now, I can’t live without them. Or the times where taking selfies was embarrassing and I had to hide in the bathroom to take a picture. Now all of this is normality.

So, what is it about this selfie-stick? Why is there so much debate about it? Is it because it is not really appealing, or because this is another confirmation that we are a generation of narcissists? Well, we already know that, so this is nothing new to our ears.

Celebrities are already starting to clasp the trend, as Puff Daddy, Kendall Jenner and Derek Zoolander. Here in London, the trend is still far from being confirmed, but in Italy it’s actually insane. I counted that only in Piazza Duomo, in Milan, there were more than 30 street vendors selling it, chasing tourists and almost literally throwing the stick at you. I was almost scared that if I didn’t buy one, I was going to be hit with the selfie-stick, for saying no. This confirms, that Italians have already fully embraced the trend, which is weird as we always fall behind with the IT-thing of the moment. And, we are even looking forward, because the selfie-stick wasn’t enough, the tripod is the ultimate gadget to add to the latest tech ‘innovation’.


Moreover, the selfie stick is not a new thing, as it was already introduced years ago with the GoPro. Unfortunately not everyone has an extreme life as moto-crossers, surfers and skateboarders, so we banal human beings don’t have such an interesting life to capture, and limit ourselves to photograph our daily life routine, our lunch with our best friends, or our intense training sessions. With the selfie-stick, finally, there is no longer the need to argue over who has the longest arm and if the phone might slip from your hands. Even better, there won’t be the need to stop a complete stranger to take a picture or harass your boyfriend to frame your perfect angle.

The selfie stick was denoted by Vogue as the “most shameless fashion accessory ever”. However, Anna Wintour was reportedly seen taking a selfie with a selfie-stick, with Derek Zoolander and Hansel McDonald, during the Valentino AW15 runway show. This usually goes against her style, as in her video, ‘73 Questions with Anna Wintour, she claimed that she didn’t take selfies. So, does this mean that also the Master Mind behind fashion has at last embraced the selfie and selfie-stick era?


Moreover, in a recent photoshoot for Vogue, Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid were asked to capture their behind-the-scenes moments with a selfie-stick. Does this mean that fashion has finally approved the new trend? Who cares? If a selfie-stick makes you to take a better shot, and helps you to capture a beautiful moment - why not- embrace the stick.