Brands To Watch: EVERLANE, ever mine, ever yours.

In regards to clothes and accessories I am very picky with colors. It was hard for me to find a brand or store that sold the right tone of navy blue to match that pair of jeans. Until Everlaneemerged online. I am not a big fan of buying clothes on the internet but on it is simply irresistible! I feel safe buying Everlane products since I know they are not trying to trick me and the sweaters I purchase actually look like the ones worn by the models on the website. Moreover, is super easy to navigate and the pictures give a very clear idea of how the various items look and fit. What I think differentiates Everlane from other brands is that everything matches and is easy to color-coordinate. Therefore I can buy a t-shirt once and a matching pullover to put on top later on. Also, the shade of the colors is so elegant and easy to wear on any occasion – personally, I am a big fan of the dark green and the bordeaux both to wear during the day and night.


That being said, there is much more to learn about the brand and what is hidden behind the scenes. Everlane is an online-only apparel company based in San Francisco launched in 2011 by a group of friends in their mid twenties and with no particular experience in fashion.  After having worked for several companies such as Google, Goldman Sachs, American Apparel and The Gap, they decided to quit their jobs and founded their new business in California. The goal and the philosophy of the brand was to offer designer-quality clothes and accessories with no additional costs included. The reason they were able to do so is by being vertically integrated and working directly with the manufacturers, which allowed them to cut most costs that are linked with any retail store operation. When it first started, Everlane sold a selected range and colors of what they considered to be basics & essentials, everything under $100. They wanted to keep the pricing transparent, showing their customers that the cost of their purchases was not over-marked up from what the company would spend to produce the products. Their idea is to make the customers always ask themselves “why?” Indeed, they not only want to keep the prices reasonable but, in addition, they clearly desire to show where the products are from and how they are made. I remember reading about Everlane on an article on the New York Times titled “Breaking down the markup.” They described what they would consider to be first unthinkable: “handing over information about exactly how, and where, their products were made.”

Everlane forerun the importance of the “Made in” by providing information about their products and factories, which has become nowadays a fundamental element when having to make a purchasing decision. Not only, Everlane was one of the first brands to understand the necessity to communicate and to draw people’s attention through social medias. For instance, on the Everlane Instagram account and Twitter they keep reminding their followers about the importance they give to being transparent, using hashtags such as #knowyourfactories. The team has lately dedicated Black Friday to raising funds in order to improve and build an outdoor recreation area for workers in the Everlane factory in Hanghzou, China. Thanks to the popularity of #BlackFridayFund and the power of social medias $113,658 were collected in just one day. Furthermore, an essential part of Everlane’s campaign is listening to the people’s feedback and the customers’ comments with #fromthepeople. Everlane’s fans are totally involved in the development of the company: from simply sharing a picture of what they put inside their Weekender or backpack via #howipack, to looking at Everlane’s account on Snapchat. Yes, they have been so smart as to launch what will be in my opinion the newest trend: the possibility to see what happens inside the offices of our favorite brands and companies through Snapchat pictures.

Everlane is consistently innovative. On the contrary, its products are what I consider to be the essential, simple and elegant basics everyone needs which are, surprisingly, the hardest items to find, being either too expensive or looking too cheap. It is therefore of little surprise that my first purchase on was a white V-neck t-shirt which I have used so much and still have in addition to several colors. My second purchase was the Weekender, which I cannot separate myself from and always have with me when leaving the city for short getaways. Everlane saved me especially right before Christmas as their bags and accessories were the most adequate and impeccable presents for anyone; family and friends. Also, Everlane turned out to be very beneficial when I moved to the States for university. When I leave home every day I have to remember to bring with me so many things: credit card, ID, university’s ID, printing card, cash etc. Thus I was so enthusiastic when they launched the first line of wallets and of backpacks. I got the tiny, purple wallet, my favorite color and the best size to put in any bag, pochette or pocket! Moreover I was not used to carrying my computer everywhere but since it became easier for me to take notes on my pc and my bag wasn’t big enough to carry the charger, computer AND all the books I needed for class, I decided to buy a backpack. They are perfect for me to use at school, yet I use them so much when I travel too!

If I haven’t convinced you with my words, I strongly invite you to check out and to have a look to all the different products, models, colors it offers - if you live in the States or know someone that can ship you packages from the US or Canada JOIN EVERLANE. You wont regret it.