A Girl in the Midst of Reality

As my third and last year as an undergraduate student was coming to an end, I was desperate for change. The thought of maybe doing an MA degree and have to do another thesis at the end of it, made me honestly feel sick. I am now an intern at Dolce and Gabbana’s WW Retail Merchandising Office, working in the Fine Jewelry and Time Pieces division. And may I say that not for one second I would have thought that that step I wanted to take a few months back would have been so majorly life changing. I am just starting to realise what the real world is like. Suddenly you find yourself having basically no time, and so forced to organise your days in the best way possible to squeeze everything in. And yes, getting used to it is extremely tiring, at least for me. At the office no matter your age, you are seen as an equal. Age difference is a legend, as your responsibility like that of all your colleagues, is that to fulfil your job in the best way possible.

Automatically and naturally, things start to change in your life. It is so hard to fit everything together and make it work, it takes a lot of energy at first, but you learn to work your way through it. I still need to get my head around all the sudden changes, but that’s part of life, and we’re all in this together. Sooner or later all of us will have to take that leap (more than step).

The fashion world is a business like any other. But what I love about it is that personality is what counts most. Expression of personality in my opinion is what made fashion become such a sensational phenomenon in the first place. And that is the one thing that should never be taken away from you, anyone.

Style is an insanely accurate depiction of a person’s personality. Why else would “looking at a person from head to toe” be such a globally renowned attitude.